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Battersea Arts Centre Towers

Posted on 25th June, 2015

Here are just a couple of photos of the supporting frames installed by Cobra Steel.

Battersea Arts Centre

Posted on 28th April, 2015

After the disastrous fire that devastated the Battersea Arts Centre in March, Cobra Steel have now been approached to install steel frames around the two remaining brick gable ends to make them secure so that the clean up and renovation tasks can begin safely.


After meetings on site a plan is now in place and work is due to commence very soon.


Cobra Steel are very heavily involved in the planning and methodology of the installation of the supporting steel structures that will hold the two precarious ends so that they can be saved.



















Above: One of the remaining gable ends that is going to be supported.


Posted on 11th July, 2014

Cobra Steel Services are currently installing over 200t of steelwork at the Johnson Matthey plant in Royston.


Unfortunately, due to the high security nature of the plant, photographs are not permitted.


We will however, try and keep posts updated with the progress.


Phase 1: 90t double storey floor structure for new offices inside the live factory.


Phase 2: 150t of steelwork and flooring to provide work area for new vessels and tanks.

7th Harlow Scout Hut

Posted on 11th April, 2014

Cobra Steel are proud to have been able to help out with the supply and erection of a new Scout Hut for the 7th Harlow Scout Group.


The original Scout Hut was unfortunatley destroyed in an arson attack.


The group have had to raise the money for their new hut by donation and from some charity donations, so we were only too happy to do what we could to help with the new steel frame.



Here at Cobra Steel we have become quite involved with the project and we are following the progress of the new hut as it develops.


Even though the new hut is now being built, more money is still needed to help finish off the grounds and play area. 


There is a buy-a-brick campaign, where people can pay for a brick in the building and have their name on it!


If you would like more information or would like to donate, please contact and you can also follow the progress at and look for 7th Harlow.


Here is a letter we received after completion of the frame:


Conduit Street

Posted on 2nd August, 2013

Cobra Steel are currently working on a retention tower.


The tower is being built up through the existing floors from the basement up to the fourth floor.


This then has support arms from the tower across to walers fixed to the wall to be retained, allowing the existing building to be demolished.




Richmond - New School Block

Posted on 2nd August, 2013







Posted on 2nd August, 2013



The Selfridges project was a very challenging operation, with a lot of pre planning going into the logistics of the project before we could even commence on site.
The project consisted of a new steel frame, connecting to existing steelwork, to allow for openings to be cut so that a new lift could be installed in the Louis Vuitton section of the store.
This involved the new steelwork being installed underneath the existing slab, incorporating temporary steels, the slab then being cut out, and the next floors steel being taken up through the new hole.
All works and deliveries had to be done through the night!

The final floor had the steelwork pre-stressed using hydraulic jacks, and the pictures below show the temporary steel and the jacks in place.
The jacking was done by Cobra Steel operatives working with the engineer.

Stockley Park - Phase 2

Posted on 2nd August, 2013


The second phase of the Stockley Park project was an 18t winter garden floor, erected inside the existing building using a spider crane for lifting the beams into place.


We have our own CPCS trained operators for the spider cranes, leaving only Cobra Steel operatives inside the work area.

Stockley Park

Posted on 24th March, 2013

Cobra Steel have just started on a new project for Arctec Structures Ltd in Stockley Park, Uxbridge.


The project involves the intricate erection of a new Portico entrance framework, through the existing structure to allow for the existing steelwork to be supported and the old entrance removed.






Once the Portico steelwork is finished, the 2nd floor Winter Garden steelwork, which consists of about 18t will be erected.

Arlington Street

Posted on 7th July, 2012

Cobra Steel are currently strengthening existing roof steelwork to enable phase 2 of the project which will be a new roof deck.


The strengthening work includes site welding plates and stiffeners to the existing beams.



The welds are being tested independantly after each area is complete.


Phase 2 is due to start at the end of the London 2012 olympics. Cobra Steel will be doing the istallation of the roof deck steelwork.